• Why Choose Khrome For your Nail Tech Course?

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    Why choose Khrome for your next artificial nail course? Well… We set out to be different from the beginning! ✏️ We’ve been there, we know the training that’s out there and we want to change it! 
    We want to help you succeed, build and enhance your career. With our experienced instructors we know we’ll be setting you up for nothing short of success. With one on one training available and small classes, we can focus directly on you and your need to be the best you can be. 
    Another bonus? We offer affordable rates and we guarantee our classes will guide you and help you grow into what we know you need to grow as a new artist! 
    What are you waiting for? Contact us now and be apart of one of the worlds largest growing industries! ? 
    What you’ll expect: 
    1. Introductory to artificial nails 
    2. The pros and cons of gel & acrylic 
    3. Proper sanitization and disinfectant 
    4. Nail theory and nail health 
    5. Product knowledge 
    6. How to jump start your career