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    At Khrome, we’re all about keeping up with the latest nail trends and finding the perfect fit for every client, here are our top five nail trends for you to try this fall and keep you going all season long!

    Accent Nails

    Accent Nails are the perfect way to spice up your regular manicure by showcasing a hint of your creativity while still remaining casual!

    Add a bit of glitz and glam, an animal print, a marble effect, a splash of shimmer or whatever your creative mind decides would be fit for you and we’ll be glad to help too!

    Dark Shades

    Dark shades are the perfect fall accessory! If you wear black often, try this twist instead and try the darker blues, greens, purples, reds or our perfect shades of browns. We promise you’ll turn heads with your pop of dark colours and who knows… maybe you’ll start a trend?

    Shine Bright Like A Diamond…

    Strike a pose and let your nails do the talking. This look is great for any season, event or for just your everyday look! From the simple rhinestone to the incomparable Swarovski crystals, this look will have you brighten any room you step into!

    Metallic Moves

    From a chrome silver to a metallic ruby, this look will always have you looking chic. Chrome out, after all your in the right salon to chose this look and we’ve got you covered!

    Orange You Glad You Chose Me!

    We think orange is going to take over this fall! So get on the trend train and step outside the box with orange gels, acrylics or a simple mani!

    You’ll definitely be in the spotlight with this seasons favourite colour.