Welcome to Khrome Academy!

Our full-service nail salon, Khrome Nail Bar, is located in the heart of Edmonton where fun and beauty meets pleasure. Khrome was established with the vision of a high end, exquisite nail salon delivering nothing short of an amazing experience and top quality for our clients.

One of our biggest accomplishments is Khrome Academy, which we have worked on with extreme passion and dedication. Here at Khrome, with our knowledge, expertise and experience, we are ecstatic to introduce our academy to you, the students!

The training provided at Khrome Academy includes gel and acrylic anatomy. Our academy is equipped with new school techniques and high-quality products. We are also up to date with the latest education that you will require before your new and exciting career as a nail technician takes off!


Beginner education

Our beginner Gel and Acrylic courses are for those looking to become fully certified professionals.

While some courses certify students regardless of skill level, Khrome academy aims to ensure that certification is earned by skill and hard work. Let us explain: to become Khrome academy certified students must be committed to course dates set, put in the full required hours and work will be thoroughly assessed by a Khrome academy educator to ensure all students meet set standards. 

These courses will equip you with all the skills necessary to complete a full set of Gel or Acrylic nails. Learn techniques from our highly trained educators on how to properly shape, strengthen and structure to get the perfect nails for your clients every time. This course will teach you the up-to-date techniques needed in the ever-changing nail industry.

Each course consists of two full day classes. The first class takes place from 10am-5pm, and the second class is 11am-5pm. Once completed, students will be certified in their chosen skill and qualified to buy professional products from any distributor throughout Canada. (Complimentary lunch is supplied to all students). The total course cost covers the student’s tuition and entire kit.


The Student Kit

Each student that enrolls at Khrome Academy will receive a full nail kit to help them complete their education and begin a new career. Every kit is equipped with the following:

( Kit allows you do to approx. 30-35 full sets ) 

✔️ LED/UV curing lamp

✔️ E-file and starter bits (training on how to use the E-file is included in the tuition)

✔️ Gel/Acrylic product (depending on class registered)

✔️ Assorted tips from sizes 0-10 

✔️ Roll of forms 

✔️ Khrome Academy module

✔️ Cuticle nippers, pusher and oil 

As well as 20+ more items you will need to get your career started! 

Length: Two days 
Basic kit: Included 


Acrylic price is : $1894.99+tax
Gel course is: $2199.99+tax
Acrylic and Gel Combined: 3499.99+tax

(Prices includes starter kit and all tools needed)

Course Location:

Khrome Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge
10150-104 Street NW
T5J-1A7 Edmonton Alberta

Available Course  Start Dates:
Please call or check out our social media for upcoming courses! 

 Fill form below if you require more information.


The deposit ($500.00) must be paid in full a week in advance in order to secure your seat in the chosen course. The rest of the payment is due before the start of the first class (at least 48 hours in advance is preferred). The deposit directly reflects the cost of your student kit, purchased immediately upon registration.

If a student fails to be present for any class date the class tuition and deposit will not be refundable, as the spot was held & expected to be filled. Once a class seat is reserved, you are committing fully to the total cost of the class. The entire deposit is used to obtain student kits; therefore, cancellations are lost income and unfortunately can’t be accommodated.

Class dates are set; They are non-refundable & non-transferrable at any time, for any reason.